What is the capital of Canada?

The capital of Canada is Ottawa. It is a municipality located within the Province of Ontario. Ottawa is situated on the southern bank of Ottawa River containing the mouths of Rideau Canal and Rideau River. The older area of the city is called Lower Town occupying the portion between the rivers and the canal. Beyond the canal in the west is Centertown commonly called “downtown”.

Ottawa, as the capital city of Canada was chosen by Queen Victoria on December 31, 1857. Ottawa today is an important metropolis as well as the fourth biggest city in Canada. Earlier during the time when it became Canada’s capital, Ottawa was a disorganized logging town, located far away from the main cities of Canada like Montreal or Quebec City.

• The reasons for which Ottawa was selected as the nation’s capital were many. Firstly Ottawa was the lone settlement of some significant size situated exactly on Canada East and West’s border (or the Upper and Lower Canada). Thus it kind of turned out to be a compromise for the English and French populations residing in the two colonies.
• Secondly Ottawa’s location within a thick forest, away from the country’s border was an advantage. It was seen during those times that other main cities were more prone to American attacks being situated near the border.
• Thirdly Ottawa’s strategic position on the bank of Ottawa River allowed for easy transportation. One could travel through Ottawa River to Canada East, while the Rideau Canal helped to go to Canada West.
• Fourthly Ottawa was situated midway between Toronto and Montreal. Finally the tiny size of the place lessened the possibilities of any rampage by politically driven mobs. The existence of Rideau Canal network and the Ottawa River helped water to be supplied from Kingston and Montreal to Ottawa without the need for traveling along the US – Canada border.