What are the main political parties in Canada?

The main political parties in Canada are the Conservative Party, Liberal Party, Green Party, Le Bloc Quebecois, and New Democratic Party.

The Conservative Party is a political formation created by the merger of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and the Canadian Alliance. The Conservative Party of Canada generally favours a larger degree of decentralization, with more powers delegated to the provinces. The party supports smaller government, lower taxes, and traditional cultural and religious values.

The Liberal Party, the oldest party in the country, sits between the centre-left and the centre in the conventional political spectrum. Liberals favour the introduction of a nationwide food policy in support of Canadian farmers, the production of renewable energy, including biomass, solar, and wind energy, balanced budgets, and deficit reduction. The Liberal Party also favours the introduction of a family care plan, direct financial aid and investment in higher education, and spending restraint, with less money spent on advertising and consulting. The party legalized medical cannabis and same-sex marriages while in government.

The Green Party advances a multi-issue platform that reflects the core values of grass root democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom, and non-violence. The Green Party advocates a green economy that relies on non-polluting energy resources and systems. The Green Party also advances the idea that fair trade is an important factor for Canada’s sustainable future.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is a Canadian social-democratic political party which favours better environmental protection, poverty reduction, equal rights and gender equality, aggressive human rights protection, and higher corporate taxes. New Democrats focus on making life more affordable, rewarding companies that create jobs, strengthening pensions, and improving health services. The party’s agenda focuses on training more nurses and doctors and giving medical professionals that left the country an incentive to go back home. The party will work with the provincial authorities to double pensions and offer Canadians more choice over their retirement savings.

Le Bloc Quebecois is a federal-level political party committed to the promotion of Quebec’s sovereignty and the protection of Quebec’s interests. The party campaigns actively and seeks to create conditions that will facilitate the secession of Quebec. Le Bloc Quebecois is the smallest party in parliament after the Green Party.