List of famous Canadians

Canada ranks second amongst the largest countries in the world. The population of Canada is approximately 1/10 of that of U.S.A.’s population. Since this country has thin population, quite often Canadian famous personalities or achievers are overlooked. However the fact remains that Canada is home to several internationally renowned achievers. A few of them in different spheres include:

Among the artists there are:

• The Beaver Hall Group – Female painters
• The Group of Seven – Male Painters • Charles Daudelin (1920-2001) – Sculptor
• Paul-Ιmile Borduas – Abstract painter
• Jeff Wall – Photographer
• Bryan Adams - Singer
• Celine Dion - Singer

Among the different astronauts were:

• Marc Garneau – The first Canadian to go in space.
• Roberta Bondar – The first Canadian woman to make a journey to space.
• Chris Hadfield: He was the first one from Canada to walk in space. Other astronauts from Canada include Bjarni Tryggvason, Robert Thirsk, and Steven MacLean.

Some of the famous authors from Canada include:

• Arthur Hailey
• Carol Shields
• George Woodcock
• Louis Frechette
• L.M. Montgomery
• W.O. Mitchell
• Margaret Atwood
• William Gibson
• Milton Acorn
• Gilles Archambault
• Margaret Avison
• Earle Birney

Some of the famous business personalities are:

• John Roth – Former CEO of Nortel Networks
• Jack Warner – Founder of Warner Bros studios
• Belinda Stronach – former politician, vice-chairman of Magna International
• Nat Taylor – Originator of Cineplex movie theater
• Jimmy Pattison – Billionaire of West Coast.

Some of the inventors from Canada include:

• Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of telephone, later developed it in United States.
• Joseph – Armand Bombardier: - Snowmobile inventor
• Dr. Frederic Banting: - Co-discovered the Insulin
• Ernest Mcculloch: - identified stem cells
• J.Brown – Inventor of washing machine.
• James Gosling – Inventor of computer language called Java
• Gideon Sundback – Inventor of zipper
• Samuel McKeen – Inventor of Odometer.

Some movie and television personalities from Canada are:

• James Cameron – Director
• Dan Aykroyd – Actor
• Pamela Anderson – Actress and model
• Jim Carrey – Actor
• Michael J. Fox – Actor
• Keanu Reeves – Actor
• Moses Znaimer – Television magnate
• Donald Sutherland – Actor
• Bud Riley – Radio host and TV commentator

Other famous Canadians:

• Terry Fox - Ran across Canada for cancer research.
• Wayne Gretzky - Greatest hokey player of all time
• David Suzuki - Environmental writer and activist
• Pierre Elliot Trudeau - Prime minister for 16 years

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