Quebec is a Canadian province situated in the east-central portion of Canada. It is the sole primarily French speaking Canadian province and the only one where French is the official language. Quebec is the second most densely populated province in Canada after Ontario. Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec.

Located in the east-central region of Canada, Quebec has the world’s biggest sustaining inland Atlantic ports in the Saint Lawrence River at Montreal, Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City. Its accessibility to the North American interiors and the Atlantic Ocean made it a convenient base for French exploration along with settlement during the 17th and the 18th centuries. The most populated physiographic area is the Saint Lawrence Lowland. Over 90% of Quebec’s area is located in the Canadian Shield which is rough and rocky but full of hydroelectric and mineral resources.

Quebec experiences primarily three climatic conditions. South and West Quebec have humid and continental climate characterized by humid warm summers and long and cold winters. Central Quebec mainly enjoys subarctic climate, while the northern areas of Quebec have arctic climate with very cold and long winters.

Before the Europeans came in, Algonquian, Inuit and Iroquoian tribes inhabited Quebec. They mainly lived on fishing, hunting and gathering. The earliest French explorer was Jacques Cartier who came in 1534 to Quebec.

Quebec contains about 23.9 percent of Canada’s population. This province has great many international adoptions, in fact the highest in Canada. The ethnic groups are French, Irish, Italian, English and others. The overall aboriginal population consists of North American Indians, Metis, and Inuit. The population in Quebec is predominantly Roman Catholic.

The St. Lawrence River Valley is a rich agricultural region which produces abundant dairy products, vegetables, and fruits. Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world. The northern region of the St. Lawrence River Valley produces lumber, pulp paper and hydroelectric power. High-tech industries like aerospace companies, and communications companies are mainly concentrated around Montreal.

Some of the important cities in the province of Quebec are:

• Montreal
• Quebec City (capital)
• Gatineau
• Saguenay
• Sherbrooke
• Trois – Rivieres

Famous people
Some of the eminent personalities from Quebec include singer Celine Dion, Jean Chrétien – earlier Prime Minister and William Shatner – Star Trek actor.