How to find a Banking Job in Canada

Banking jobs in Canada face severe competition as the banking institutions in the country provide excellent working conditions and remuneration packages. Skills such as relevant higher education, especially from a prestigious institution, previous banking or customer service experience, and adequate bank training are in demand for banking jobs in the country. It is also considered advantageous if you speak both, English and French as Canada is a country with two official languages. The following tips and resources can help you in your search of a good banking job in Canada.

Education relevant for the banking sector is a must and a precondition for a successful career. It is best to obtain your degree first in case that you have not already done so. However, it is possible to get a job in the banking sector with a more limited education. For instance, you can start working as a teller, and you can work your way up to the management level while still on the way to obtaining your university degree. Admittedly, it will be easier to get a job if you are an university graduate, especially if you have some working experience after graduation. The university diploma opens many doors and besides, you can demand a higher rate of pay. Last but not least, the chance is that you wonít be among the first employees to be laid off in times of financial instability. The bottom line is Ė invest your time and money in education.

Professional and polished resume is an absolute must; otherwise, your application probably wonít be taken into consideration by the potential employer. The Resume must contain comprehensive information regarding your education and training history, previous work experience, as well as personal and competence skills . Having an extended Cover Letter is also essential because most banking institutions may require one. Donít forget to include one or more references from previous employers. Whether you decide to apply online or in person, make sure that your application materials are perfect and have no grammar errors or typos.


You may find new job openings by looking over the Internet. Forums where you can discuss banking jobs are a good starting point. Look at as many bank websites and sites for career postings as possible.

Start by contacting the largest banking firms as they usually have the most current openings. Moreover, their pay and provided benefits are typically better than those offered by the smaller banks. You may get in touch with the bankís human resources department and request an interview.

Even if the position you apply for is not available at the moment, ask the employer to keep your resume on file.

Success depends on your ability to make good impression, and the interview will give you an excellent chance for that. It is important to be positive during the interview. Let them know that you will go to great lengths to get a job in the banking sector even if that means to start at the bottom and then pursue your career. Follow up with the hiring manager about a week after the interview.