How to Become a Teacher in Canada

If you intend to become a teacher in Canada, be aware of the fact that the federal authorities require all teachers to be certified. Before you gain your certification, you must get a certain qualification including an university degree and teacher training. After you cover these requirements, you will be allowed to apply for a teaching license. However, the elementary teachers are certified by their provincial authorities rather than the federal ones. So, the standards and requirements for primary teachers will vary according to the educational priorities stated by provincial legislatures.

Step 1 – Get Degree from Accredited Institution
The first step to becoming a teacher is obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from a Canadian university or another accredited post-secondary educational institution, such as the College of New Caledonia or Capilano College, which are known for having high quality programs. If you are considering an elementary teacher career, have a list of your provincial requirements for teaching certification and keep it handy while studying in college. In case you plan to teach in another province, consider applying to a college or university outside your province.

Step 2 – Apply with a Teaching Program
Complete one year of teacher training: apply with a relevant teaching program which might be offered by the college you have graduated from or another affiliated institution. This one-year practice is your chance to get some hands-on experience in teaching and to network with the school districts.
Step 3 – Apply for Certification
Once you complete these steps, you need to apply for certification with the federal government of Canada. The application process is simple, and you can download the forms over the Internet. If you are a foreigner who is licensed in another country, you must apply for an international certification. In this case, the first thing to do is contact the Canadian federal government. If you are interested in becoming an elementary teacher, you have to apply for certification via your provincial department of education. In most cases you will have to provide one or more letters of recommendation, together with transcripts and a sample syllabi.

Step 4 – Find Teaching Positions
Start looking for vacant teaching positions in the area you plan to work and live. You can bolster your chances for finding a job with the help of the Education Canada Network which lists teaching vacancies throughout the country and updates them on a daily basis. Get in touch with the teachers union in order to learn more about the benefits and requirements of membership and gain access to the networking opportunities they offer.

Step 5 – Gain Bilingual Fluency
If you want to improve your employment chances as an elementary teacher, it is better to gain bilingual fluency in English and French and even learn a third language. Studying Russian or Mandarin may be a beneficial initiative because of the significant growth of Russian and Chinese resident population in Canada.

Step 6 – Keep License Current
Once you have obtained your license, keep it current through continuing your education. Such education, both for teachers and administrative personnel, is provided by the Canadian Association of Principles.