Canadian Travel Insurance

When you travel away from home, you don't plan any sort of trouble like getting ill or injured, losing or damaging your luggage, or experiencing trip interruptions and delays. But when it happens, even a small accident can accumulate huge expenses and ruin you holiday. Luckily, you have a number of flexible and effective solutions offered by insurance companies.

If you want more than a single type of protection, for example, medical and non-medical, you can apply for the CIBC comprehensive travel insurance which includes everything in a convenient package. You can also choose a particular option among the following:

* The emergency travel medical insurance will protect you, your family, or your companion and provides a maximum medical coverage of $2,000,000.

* A trip cancelation/trip interruption insurance will cover your travel in the event of unexpected emergences. You must apply for this insurance within seven days from the date you book your ticket or arrange other travel facilities and accommodation.

* The baggage and personal effects insurance will protect you in case your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen.

* The rental vehicle damage insurance covers damages and losses to the vehicle you rent. You have to apply for this insurance before signing the rental documents and picking up the car.

If you are a frequent traveler, you can purchase the Annual plan offered by Toronto Dominion Bank. This insurance covers multiple trips of up to 17 days in one year. In addition, the Annual plan has trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage benefits. This travel medical insurance is a convenient, flexible, and affordable option, especially for those who often take short trips and business trips or go to vacations to the United States or on the territory of Canada. If you need to make an occasional trip around Canada or a short journey to the US, Toronto Dominion Bank’s Per trip plan is the right for you. You can apply for it prior to each trip that lasts from one to 182 days. There are a number of limitations and exclusions to the coverage and some special rules apply for persons who are 55 and over.

A good choice of travel protection are the two insurance packages of the Bank of Montreal – Travel medical and Trip protection. Travel medical offers health assistance if you need emergency medical care while Trip protection coverage protects your travel plans and you luggage. Both plans are an affordable and wise way to avoid whatever problems may occur during your vacation, but you can also combine them in order to achieve complete coverage and save money. And one more option: Bank of Montreal MasterCard travel and medical protection (annual coverage) comes with a variety of benefits wherever you travel throughout the year. This insurance package protects customers and their family for an unlimited number of travels throughout the year. The basic coverage costs between $29 and $49 per year while the total coverage may be purchased for just $99.