TD Canada Trust

TD Canada Trust is one of the largest financial institutions in Canada. Operating under this name since 2000, it has grown to offer more than 1,100 branches and nearly 2,600 ATM machines. The name, TD Canada Trust, was formed when TD Bank acquired a former independent company, Canada Trust and merged their retail operations to form present company. Edmund Clark was the acting head of Canada Trust. After merger, he took on the position of COO and later became CEO of TD Canada Trust, in 2002. People often confuse TD Bank with TD Canada Trust. Actually, TD Canada Trust is a subsidiary of the larger TD Bank Financial Group. As of 2010, TD Financial Group consisted of nine independent subsidiaries operating in banking, wealth management, insurance and securities sector. Nevertheless, TD Canada Trust is the bulk of operations.

Customer Service & Convenient Banking

More than one million Canadians rely on TD Canada Trust for their small business, commercial and personal banking needs. The company is well known for its customer service. Interestingly, it is among very few companies that have simultaneously won the prestigious JD Power and Synovate awards for excellence in serving its clients. This unique recognition is held by TD Canada Trust for more than two years, on a row. Likewise, it is also known as an excellent place to work. Mediacorp Inc., publisher of 100 best Canadian employers, has routinely named this financial institution on its list. In fact, TD Canada Trust portrays its brand by calling itself ‘the most convenient bank’. This attitude is also reflected in the bank’s operational schedule. The hours of operation, at TD Canada Trust by far exceeds any other Canadian bank. Most of its branches open up at 8 o' clock, in the morning and close at six. On Thursday and Friday, this scheduled is extended further until 8 pm. Similarly, on Saturday, some branches are open from 8 am to 4 pm. There is exception to this rule for some rural and low traffic branches.

A Community Bank

Another strength of TD Canada Trust is its specialized offering to Chinese, Japanese and South Asian communities. The Bank is major sponsor of local community events which further boosts its word-of-mouth marketing efforts. It is estimated that nearly 40% of South Asian community, living in Canada, do business with TD Canada Trust. Customers are assisted by an advance online banking portal, EasyWeb. Regular additions and easy interface makes it convenient for less computer savvy customers to fulfill most of their banking needs, from web. In addition, the bank guarantees full refund, in an event of financial loss from EasyWeb service. For those who prefer a more personalized experience, TD Bank also offers its award winning Easyline telephone service.