Top List of Products Manufactured in Canada

Everybody has heard of Honda Acura, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese car manufacturer Honda Motor Company, which offers luxury, sports cars, and sports sedans. The models Acura CSX Sedan and MDX Sport Utility are manufactured in Alliston, Ontario.

Chrysler and Dodge are well-known American car companies, but some of their models are manufactured in Canada. Some examples are the Dodge Caravan, which is manufactured in Windsor, Ontario, and the Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger, manufactured in Brampton, Ontario.

Procycle Group Inc. is a big Canadian bicycle manufacturer. They are behind the brands Mikado, Velo Sport, Oryx, CCM, Peugeot, Supercycle and Vagabond. Other important brands include Areocycle and Aquila Cycle, with urban, mountain, and truck, and other bicycle types. Important brands also include Argon 18, Balfa, Bertrand, Cervelo, Dekerf Cycle Innovations, Epic Titanium Bikes, Dion Bikes, Gardin, and more. Canada is also an important producer of bike accessories.

In advertising, Canada has the company LCP Industries, which has offices in Montreal and Toronto. In car rental, there is the aptly named company Discount. A Canadian clothing manufacturer, specializing in safety apparel, is Super Bright.

Canada offers some important hardware producers, such as Dalsa for digital imaging products and Eurocom Desktop Notebooks for laptops. Other such producers are Galea Products for firewalls and security and Micro Snitch for computer anti-theft alarm systems. Research In Motion (RIM) manufactures wireless handhelds and wireless modems. In software, the Canadian companies are Corel (WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Draw), MKS - eBusiness & Change Management, and UNIX/Windows.

Considering its beautiful nature and wide open spaces, Canada is a major international manufacturer of outdoor and camping equipment. Companies include Braun's Online, which manufactures bicycles and accessories and Integral Designs, which manufactures tents, sleeping bags, and clothing. Other producers are Mountain Equipment Co-op, Trail Blazer Products, and Fort McPherson, which manufacture tents and canvas.

Canadians also manufacture canoes, kayaks and boats. Canoe brands include Bear Mountain, Headwater, and Langford Canoe, which prides itself as the oldest canoe builder. The company also offers kayak and canoe rentals. Clients can rent a canoe or kayak for 1 – 2 days or for 10 or more days. Other canoe brands are Northwoods Canoe, Nova Craft, and Scott Canoe. Northwoods Canoe, for example, produces and supplies kayak and sport trailers, kayaks, and canoes. The company also offers canoeing equipment and canoe furniture. Leasing, repair, and rentals are also available.

Kayak brands are River Runner Swift, Headwater, and Bear Mountain. Bear Mountain offers a large variety of products, including one-off custom boats and spring racing canoes. The company takes price in restoration of historically significant craft and making prototypes for production designs. Boat brands also include Marathon Marine, Pelican Paddle Boats, Sea-Doo, which produces water craft and Sea-Doo, which makes sport boats.

The country is a leader in biotechnology. Among its proven research strengths are neuroscience, protein engineering, vaccines, and new drug delivery systems. Canadian companies have successfully converted agricultural residues and energy crops into bio-industrial oils, bio-fuels, and bio-fibers, which are environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional oils and fibers. The latter are a major source of pollution. Advances are made in the biological sciences, leading to the increased use of livestock and crops to create nutraceuticals and nutritious foods.

Canada is also among the top producers of agri-food worldwide. The country has developed environmentally friendly products, spearheading organics, genetic engineering, innovations in nanotechnology, and advanced food processing. Canadian companies produce natural, nutrient-rich products, healthy ingredients, and innovative functional foods. Among the breakthroughs are oat and barley beta-glucans, flax bio-actives, healthier canola oils, and fibre-based probiotics.

In the fast-food, restaurant and café franchise segment, one name deserves special mention – Cara Corporation, Canada. The corporation covers Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Milestone Restaurants, Kelseys, Harveys, Coza and several other establishments, known to Canadians nationwide. They vary greatly – some are coffee shops like Tim Horton’s, others are formal restaurants, still others – fast-food joints. What unites them is the excellent services and the pleasant experience offered to clients.