Interactive Brokers Canada

Interactive Brokers Canada, also known as IB Canada, was created at the end of 2000. At present, IB Canada has established itself as the leading provider of online brokerage services in the country, and it is also a member of the Interactive Brokers Group. Formed in December 2000 under the name Interactive Brokers Canada Inc., the company is a part of the Interactive Brokers Group, one of the leading providers of electronic brokerage services in the world. The company and its affiliates are members of a number of clearing houses and stock exchanges around the globe such as: Chicago Board Options Exchange, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Boston Stock Exchange, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, New York Clearing Corporation, Austrian Stock Exchange, and others.

The devoted team of IB Canada is always ready to meet the individual investment needs of their distinguished costumers, providing them with a real-time access to the most active and viable trade markets in the world. Also, the customers of Interactive Brokers Canada are provided with direct, high-speed connection to over thirty derivatives and equity exchanges around the globe, as well as a significant number of Electronic Communication Networks. The capacity of Interactive Brokers’ execution network is really impressive – its officials process several hundred thousand orders every day.

The success of IB Canada is the result of their effective business strategy, which is based on the following pillars: truly global offerings - wherever they are located, IB Canada’s clients have access to up-to-date market information 24 hours a day, seven days a week; superior trading technology is another distinctive feature of the company’s operations. Indeed, if we consider the fact that the company has been developing innovative trading solutions for the past three decades, defining its achievement with any adjective below “superior” will be sheer offence. Best execution is combined with low costs and also contributes to the company’s outstanding profile. In addition, the team of Interactive Brokers Canada has developed a set of high-class risk management solutions such as the IB trading risk navigator. It is worth mentioning that with the only exception of foreign exchange, IB Canada trades only products that are listed on the major stock exchanges around the world. The activity of each account in the IB network is monitored and controlled by a real time margin system, which automatically liquidates positions if an individual account violates its limits. Real-time data shows IB Canada’s customers the basic requirements for setting up an initial margin (at the time of the trade) and maintenance margin (when the individual customer is holding positions). In this way, the company does its best to help customers understand the trading risk they are taking at any time during the business day. They are able to react adequately to the changing markets by monitoring risk levels.

Finally, the comprehensive education center of Interactive Brokers Canada allows its numerous clients around the world to constantly enrich their knowledge about investment and trading. Thus, they can take better advantage of the company’s products and services.